It’s a common misconception that staffing firms are just for hiring temporary workers as “fill-ins”. Why Should I Use a Staffing Firm?

In today’s economic climate, however, there are many other excellent ways to utilize staffing firms. Countless businesses rely on staffing firms as strategic partners to keep their workforce as strong and efficient as possible.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to working with a staffing firm.

Meet Seasonal and Production Demands.
Most organizations experience peak periods several times throughout the fiscal year. While you might think that asking your staff to work overtime hours is the only way to solve the problem of increased demand, think again. A staffing firm can help you supplement your current workforce at any time with trained, pre-screened candidates. Once you’ve established a relationship with an agency, all you’ll need to do is let them know when you’re looking to increase your workforce and they’ll provide a list of available, qualified professionals.   

Temp-to-Hire Options.
Temporary workers add tremendous value to an organization. They can help out greatly during a busy time and tend to work exceptionally hard to meet your company’s needs. In fact, many employers who work with staffing firms end up wanting to hire their temporary workers once their contracts are up.

This is precisely why most staffing agencies offer temp-to-hire options as one of their staffing services. Temp-to-hire gives both the employee and the employer a temporary trial period before a formal offer is made. It allows for the freedom of a temp position, with an added incentive for both sides: if the employee is a good fit for the organization, the employer hires them full-time.

Reduce Cost. Increase Convenience.
Whenever you have a project that requires workers with a specific skillset, working with a staffing agency is almost always the fastest and easiest way to get the job done. Why spend weeks interviewing temporary employees when you could have an entire file of talented, pre-screened candidates dropped into your lap right away?

Working with a staffing firm allows you to cut costs at every step of the hiring process.


For more information about working with a staffing firm, Contact the friendly staff at PrideStaff Fresno. We’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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