Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. FourSquare. Pintrest. Yelp. Tumblr. The average person views hundreds of social media posts daily.TargetFacebookAudience

Trying to reach an audience in a vast sea of up-to-the-minute social media posts can be a challenge for any business.

That said, there are a number of highly effective ways to reach a specific target audience simply by tweaking a few key details to speak more directly to them, as well as by using the targeting tool built into Facebook. This tool allows you to target a specific audience by interest, age, education or location.

Here are some more details about the common ways to better target your Facebook posts.

One of the most effective ways to target your Facebook posts is to tailor them to a specific geographic location. For example, if you’re posting a job in a key location, you’ll want to target that city—as well as neighboring cities— to ensure that your intended audience views it.

Industry and Education.
Targeting by professional industry and/or education gives you the opportunity to speak only to individuals that possess specific skills and work within your—or a related—industry. This is highly useful for times when you want to post relevant industry content or attract the attention of your colleagues or competitors.

A less well-known targeting tool is to filter by interests. Many individuals list their interests on their Facebook profiles and this is another great way to directly reach out to your audience on a specific topic that might capture their interest.

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