A recent article in Forbes Magazine reported that it takes approximately 7 seconds for someone to develop a first impression. For job seekers, this means that prospective employers are making assessments about you based on your Interviewappearance, body language and behavior as soon as you walk through the door.

Here are the top 5 ways to make a great first impression:

Act with Intent.
Giving off a good impression requires you to clearly know what your intentions are. This is especially important in a job interview setting. As you’re getting ready for an interview, don’t forget to remind yourself of your goals. Think about why you’d like the job and what you are going to do to convince your prospective employer that you are the best candidate. Going over your intentions helps you focus and harness positive energy.

Pay Attention to Your Appearance.
It goes without saying that you need to look professional if you want to make a good impression in a job interview. But there’s also more to it than that. Picking out a series of your favorite ‘interview outfits’ in advance can help you feel polished and confident on the big day. Think about how you wear your hair, or what jewelry and/or accessories you put on. Attention to detail is crucial and you want to both look and feel your best.

Stay Conscious of Your Body Language.
Body language is a huge part of first impressions. Everything from your posture to where you focus your eyes to how you sit gives off certain signals. Practice talking in the mirror and pay special attention to how your body language shifts in different moments. And as a general rule in an interview: avoid slouching, crossing your arms across your chest, or looking down.

Turn that Frown Upside Down.
When you’re not having a good day, it reads all over you. If an interview happens to fall on a day when you’re overly stressed or anxious, you need a plan of action to help snap you out of it. Others can easily pick up on your negative energy from your facial expressions and body language—and this is not the way that you want to portray yourself in a job interview. Many people exercise to elevate their moods. Others read a book, or watch an episode of their favorite television comedy. No matter what, you want to enter the room in a social, feel-good mood.

Be a Good Listener.
As important as it is to give off a great impression by expressing yourself and showing off your dazzling personality, it’s equally beneficial in an interview setting to demonstrate that you’re an attentive listener. Make sure that you listen carefully when your interviewer is speaking. Don’t interrupt or talk over them. Be considerate, genuine and conscientious of when to speak and when to listen. This is one of the first things that someone notices about a person during an initial encounter and often sets the tone for the rest of the interaction.


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