It’s not uncommon for temporary employees to feel a little awkward in the workplace. Especially in an environment where staff has been together for many years, it’s easy for a temp to feel like the odd person out. While everyone else is familiar with each other’s personalities, working styles and probably even personal lives, a temporary worker is always a bit of an outsider.Depressed Employee

This feeling of not belonging can have a significant impact on productivity levels. Even though a temporary employee is by definition a temporary part of your team, it’s important to make them feel as though they’re no different from anyone else.

So how do you start boosting their morale? Here are a few great ways to help your temporary employees feel at home in the workplace.

Start at the Top.
Boosting morale always has to begin with the employer. Make sure that all of the senior members of your management team are committed to making any new employee—whether temporary or permanent— feel as comfortable as possible. Learn their names right away. Stop by to check in whenever you can. Don’t always make the conversation focused around work and show genuine interest in getting to know your temporary staff on a personal level. Plus, when this type of attitude towards temporary employees starts at the top, your other staff members are much more likely to follow suit.

Offer Some Employee Perks.
All employees want to feel appreciated for their efforts—especially temporary employees who will likely be working extra hard to impress you. Consider providing a few extra perks for your staff on a regular basis. From the occasional free staff lunch to casual Fridays to staff picnics and/or sports leagues, simple workplace activities can do wonders to boost morale. Many of these events are also a great way to get your temporary employees socializing with your permanent team.

Encourage Communication.
Sometimes when a temporary employee is hired to complete a special project, they end up spending a lot of time working on their own. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it keeps your temporary staff focused and on task. On the other hand, they may start to feel a little isolated over time, which can have negative effects.  Try to ensure that your temporary staff is always communicating with other members of your team. Involve them in relevant company meetings. Team them up with another employee on a particular job. Even if most of their work needs to be completed in a solitary setting, it’s crucial to make them feel involved whenever possible.

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