Fresno Staffing Agencies | Avoid Micromanagement in FresnoEven the best leaders in Fresno sometimes devolve into micromanagement. It goes without saying that you want key projects to go as planned, so it can be tempting to “babysit” for employees to whom you have assigned 

key responsibilities. But micromanagement is almost always counterproductive in the long run. It can result in resentment and dissatisfaction, even mutiny among team members – not to mention valuable time that’s lost and can never be regained.

How to Avoid Slipping into Micromanagement Mode

Learn to Let Go
There are areas and aspects of business that should never be micromanaged. And while this may be difficult at first, once you step back and get used to the idea, you’ll be so pleased with the results that you’ll never go there again:

  • Creativity: If you want your creative employees to come up with great ideas, give them some space. Get out of their- and your own – way.
  • Contractors: Focus on hiring the best quality to begin with, so you feel confident in the anticipated results. They’re the experts. That’s why you brought them on board. Let them put their skills to use for your benefit.
  • Delegated tasks: If you micromanage, you have not effectively delegated. It defeats the purpose.
  • Sales teams: They generally work on a commission-based structure and are naturally driven for end results.
  • Administrators: The nature of their work is to make other people’s jobs easier. When you micromanage them, you bring that work back to yourself. As a result, you not only take on more tasks, but you also frustrate the employee.

It’s All about Trust
Trust begets trust. If you don’t trust your employees to do their jobs correctly, you have a problem. Either:

  • Your staff truly lacks necessary skills. If this is the case, you need to train or replace them.
  • You lack the self-confidence to lead an experienced staff. Then, you need to develop yourself and overcome this barrier.

More Reasons Not to Micromanage
Micromanagement makes people upset and defensive. In essence, it has the opposite effect that you sought when you decided to step in and get involved. Anyone you have made a part of your team should have the benefit of the doubt that they’re qualified for the job for which you hired them. Otherwise, you need to rethink your hiring decision.

If you avoid micro-managing:

  • You’ll get more done. Every minute you spend too closely monitoring someone else is a minute you aren’t spending on your own work. And when you constantly ride someone, their productivity also suffers. So both of you are accomplishing less.
  • You’ll breed new leaders. Micromanaging tends to rob employees of their opportunity to grow. You have to let them do their jobs, even making the occasional mistake, as part of their learning and career development progress.
  • You’ll contribute to employee retention. When people are given freedom and opportunities, they tend to stay. If you’re the kind of leader who inspires confidence and trust, people will want to work for you.

Micromanagement should be the exception, not the rule. Trust your staff and help them grow by avoiding it unless an emergency or other extreme circumstance arises. In doing so, you’ll boost everyone’s career – including your own.

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