Experts agree that conducting a job search while you’re employed is the best approach, since it makes you more attractive to potential employers. But you are walking a fine line and you need to carefully balance your Fresno Employment Agency | Finding Employment in Fresnocurrent work responsibilities with your future plans.

Currently Employed? How Can You Start Looking for a Job?

While you’re actively employed, you’re perceived as more desirable to hiring managers – and you’re in a position of greater negotiating strength.

  • Employers have more confidence that you’ll be a good hire.
  • You likewise have more confidence, as well as less pressure than you would if job hunting when unemployed. You may want a new job, you may really need a new job, but you’re not desperate to have one.

As you sell yourself to future employers, continue to do the job you’re being paid for to the best of your ability. Stay productive and focused. It’s in your best interest to finish strong and leave on a positive note.

Keep it Quiet
It’s good practice to keep your job search confidential. It’s not wise to share it with anyone at work. One misstep could mean a pink slop or irreparable damage to your reputation.

  • Don’t job hunt on the company’s dime. Schedule phone calls and interviews on off hours. Use your own phone and computer, as many companies track Internet and telephone usage. Avoid using company copiers or sending out resumes via the mailroom.
  • Don’t use your company email address when job hunting. Restrict your search to your personal PC and utilize a separate email account. It only takes one inopportune message to alert your manager to your plans.
  • Be sure your LinkedIn profile is complete. Your profile itself does not raise suspicion. But don’t indicate on LinkedIn – or any social media – that you’re in the job market.
  • Be careful with your resume. Explain to those you give it to that your search is confidential. Even providing your resume to be privately circulated can be risky. Keep it confidential if you post it on job boards.
  • Provide references on request only. Even then, do so with the caveat that information is confidential.

Take the High Road
This is one of the most important times in your career to act like the consummate professional that you are. Put those business savvy skills to use.

  • Never speak negatively about your current employer. Keep the conversation focused on the benefits of moving forward and what you bring to the table. Focus on the new company, versus the old one.
  • If the boss asks, be honest. You may already be at risk, but use this as an opportunity to air your concerns and explain your position. Lying or trying to cover up the truth will only make it worse. Try an approach such as, “I’m a little unsure about my opportunities here, so I’m just considering a Plan B.”

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