Searching and applying for a job is just a few clicks away. But beyond quickly pulling up a list of options, applicants need a total process that is efficient, streamlined and user friendly.Tips on Refining Your Hiring Process in Fresno | PrideStaff Fresno

What Candidates Want
Take a good look at how you currently handle applications and continuously make improvements.

  • Dedicate a featured part of your website to job seekers. Usually, applicants first find positions on job boards. Routing them back to your site is a good way to hold their attention. Make sure your Careers page is easily navigable, features current information and has concise directions for the application process.
  • Test your system from the candidate’s point of view. Is it obvious where to click next? Is the text or information overwhelming? How long does it take to apply? Last but not least, is your page mobile friendly? Smartphones and mobile technology have turned job seekers into applicants on the go. Having a Careers page that is mobile optimized is a must.
  • Keep it fresh. Provide regular contact information and updates. Keep candidates appraised on their status using personalized messages versus automated ones. This applies to all applicants, not just contenders. By keeping them in the loop, you reinforce their importance to you.
  • Provide a glimpse of your company. Tell a compelling story. Give candidates a sense of your organization’s history, culture and work environment. Engage them early on via high-resolution photos and possibly an online tour. Or, try an Instagram account attached to your company Twitter feed.

A Process to Be Proud Of
Your application process is an integral part of the overall candidate experience. Make it “touchable.” This is what promising talent wants.

  • Ask candidates to share their interests and skills. Give them the opportunity to interact personally. Allow them to upload digital portfolios and specially formatted resumes. Make it easy for them to link their online professional content to their application.
  • Self-audit. Make sure you have all the right, relevant information on your Careers page and that it readily points to high-priority and revenue-generating jobs. Are job descriptions clearly laid out? Is your application procedure as user-friendly as possible? Double check your notification process and the overall quality of your mobile-user experience. Candidates should have no problem whatsoever finding you, applying for your positions or building a good impression of your organization, even if they’re not hired.

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