Company culture – the embodiment of your core values, mission, vision and objectives – should be a source of pride for everyone associated with an organization. The benefits of a healthy culture and work environment PrideStaff Fresno | Improving Company Culture in Fresnoare critical to morale, profitability and competitive success. In such a culture:

  • Employees are fully engaged and highly productive.
  • Operations run smoothly and remain constantly subject to improvement.
  • There’s an energetic team spirit and genuine excitement about future possibilities.

Hire the Right People
Build your culture by hiring people who will help you generate vibrancy and positive thinking.

  • Focus on candidates who best reflect company values. Modify your hiring process to evaluate applicants’ passions and compatibility with the organization.
  • Build your employment brand. Continuously nurture your reputation as an employer who appreciates its team members and respects their personal and professional needs.

Keep Your Mission Alive
Don’t just tuck your mission statement away in a binder. State it clearly and live it daily.

  • Involve your employees. Solicit their feedback and input whenever you evaluate, modify or review your mission. Articulate your core values and approach to customer service in concise statements that employees understand, so they’ll be motivated to change their behavior to benefit themselves and the company.
  • Be sure everyone understands your strategic plan. Every employee should know where they’re going and how to get there. They should know their role in achieving organizational goals and why the company’s success is important to them.
  • Be all inclusive. In a survey of 14 companies respected for their exceptional cultures, every one mentioned the need for teamwork among employees, departments, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. In a healthy culture, cooperation and collaboration rule.
  • Remain flexible. Today’s workforce demands flexible hours, a healthy work/life balance and continual training and development to foster their growth. With the implied contract between a company and its employees no longer valid, you must flex your policies to help employees feel secure.
  • Reward excellence and celebrate milestones. Once you’ve defined your culture, reward those individuals whose outstanding work exemplifies it. Never ignore anyone’s contributions or take them for granted.

Great leaders set a clear direction, then constantly reinforce it. They are active listeners and masters at initiating two-way dialogue using the most effective media and techniques.

  • Be honest and as transparent as possible. Inaccurate or evasive communication generates distrust and when trust is lost, it’s difficult to regain. On a positive note, ongoing communication regarding company objectives, performance and initiatives enables your workforce to perform at higher levels.
  • When employees understand what’s expected of them, they feel part of the bigger picture. This leads to a sense of ownership, which fosters long-term dedication and loyalty. Regularly offer communication forums such as round tables and meetings where questions and concerns can be aired without fear of negative consequences.

Your employees are your lifeblood, so make them feel as valued as they are by creating a culture that you can be proud of. To learn more, read our related posts or contact the workforce development team at PrideStaff Fresno today.

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