What’s the best advice you can give your team as you continue to motivate them, especially as another calendar year winds down? Finish 2014 strong by keeping your workforce inspired, engaged and truly looking forward to coming to work Motivating Employees to Reach Their Full Potentialeach day.

“My door is always open. Talk to me and I’ll listen.”

Communicate with your employees regularly, giving them the information they need to feel “in the know” and to perform at optimal levels.  

  • You can’t over communicate. Be in touch daily with everyone who reports to you, even if it’s just a simple “good morning” or inquiry about their family, weekend plans or a shared interest in a hobby or sports team. Make a point of stopping by their worksites to make this happen.
  • Hold regular one-on-one meetings. These are more structured and employees can join you in your office for them. Have them come prepared with questions, ideas and suggestions. Be prepared to actively listen. Maybe they just need a sounding board – or you can give direction and advice if asked. Of course, use these sessions as opportunities to keep their work on track, with everyone on the same page in terms of vision, goals and objectives.
  • Also schedule open communication meetings. These can be in small groups – serving the dual purpose of employees having a chance to get to know one another better. Rather than have a formal agenda, leave the floor open to questions and discussion. But take care not to let any one participant monopolize the time. Give everyone the opportunity to speak; whether they choose to do so or not is their prerogative.

“Always grow in your job and career. Let me know how I can help.”

With few exceptions, workers join an organization not just for a paycheck, but to build their careers. Expand their jobs to include new, higher level responsibilities that enhance their knowledge and skillsets. Guide them through these stretch assignments and encourage and support them as they pursue development opportunities.

  • Training motivates employees. Individuals who are engaged in their jobs want to learn skills that will further build their performance. Work with each of your employees on the right training and development plan to meet their goals as well as help grow your business.
  • Weave employees’ career objectives into their performance development plans. Provide cross-training and related opportunities so they can master new roles and responsibilities. Assign them to head up teams and enable them to spend more time with their bosses. Most will find this highly rewarding.

“Perform at or above expectations. I appreciate everything you do.”

Employees place high value on a responsive and involved relationship with their immediate supervisors.  Knowing that their management team recognizes their efforts and is grateful for their contributions is an excellent motivator.

  • Demonstrate your appreciation in meaningful ways. For instance, single out a noteworthy employee at a staff meeting and mention outstanding achievement. Provide a token of appropriate monetary value – or at least offer sincere words of thanks and acknowledgement before their peers.
  • Thank employees using as much detail as possible about their positive contribution. This reinforces the behavior you want to continue to see.

Do you need more ideas on motivating and engaging your workforce? Read our related posts or contact the workforce development experts at PrideStaff Fresno today. We can help design a tailored initiative to help you reach new heights of success now and in the New Year ahead.

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