You’ll never be in a stronger position to negotiate specific terms of your employment than right after you’ve been extended a solid job offer. Too many candidates concede this power by accepting How to Have a Successful Interview | PrideStaff Fresnothe first offer given – whether it’s for salary, flex time, or whatever package you’re seeking as you make this major career and lifestyle commitment.

Now is the time to go to bat for yourself and secure a deal that you can not only live with, but feel really, really good about …

Negotiate Your Salary

Be ready and firm about what you’re willing to accept when it comes to your salary and compensation package.

  • Know your worth. Do as much research as necessary to learn the current market value of your position. Know the going rate for those in comparable jobs within your geographic area.
  • Monetize what you do. Show how you’ll add value to the company by helping your employer achieve their business goals. Be prepared to sell them on their ROI for hiring you.
  • The bottom line is the bottom line. Cite specific examples of how you’ve made positive contributions in past positions. Plan to explain how these relate to the job being offered.
  • Wait for them to blink. Avoid raising the topic of salary. If asked about your monetary requirements, practice a response you can use to deflect the issue. You may use something like, “The salary I’m asking might not exactly match your figure, but I’m flexible.” Then return to your selling points.
  • Use the magic four-letter word. What do you think it is? That’s right. Once you hear a salary figure, respond with “Hmmm.” This gives you pause to compare the stated figure with the one you previously researched. Respond with your pre-determined number. Remember, you’ve already justified your value and you know the competitive market rate. Plus, they already want you. Now you’re just negotiating price, so don’t be afraid to put your request on the table.

Negotiate Flex Time

Company culture should drive your decision whether – and how – to bring up a request for telecommuting or a flexible work arrangement. Information and timing are key elements to negotiating success.

  • Learn as much as you can about the organization’s culture prior to your interview. Start by checking the careers section of the company’s website. If they position flex time as a desirable employment feature, this indicates that it’s a key feature in their recruitment strategy. But be sure they walk the talk. Verify this by checking with current or past employees, either personally or via social media.
  • Look for additional clues when you arrive. Are there visible indicators that work/life balance is a company priority? These may include family photos, displays of children’s artwork or even your interviewer’s verbal or physical demeanor. Do they appear fatigued, preoccupied and stressed – or well rested? You might ask about “a typical day” or “expectations around special and unexpected projects,” depending on what course the conversation takes.
  • Bring this up only after both sides have finished negotiating a salary and come to a mutually agreeable figure. Then, segue into your previous success with flexible scheduling, if applicable. Clearly demonstrate how it positively impacted your productivity.

The recruiters at PrideStaff Fresno can partner with you as you successfully navigate your job search and negotiation process. Read our related posts or contact top recruiters in Fresno today to learn more.

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