You may have the brightest and best-qualified individuals working for you, but unless they collaborate as a team, your chances of success in achieving business goals are slim to none.Fresno Staffing Agency | PrideStaff Fresno

On a well-functioning team, every member feels empowered and valued. They continue to develop stronger cohesion with their coworkers, which ultimately boosts morale and productivity. The best teams allow individuals to learn from one another, bolstering their competence and broadening their experience.  

How can you successfully build a team?

Recognize that teams are made up of individuals.

Each team member has a clearly-defined set of skills that needs to be identified and measured against those of the others. Once each individual – and the team leader – realizes what they can best accomplish, achieving goals becomes not only possible, but also eagerly anticipated.

  • Consider the diverse strengths of each participant. Tap into them and use them to achieve overall objectives. In the process, build confidence as each person gets to shine in their own way.

Lead your team as they set goals.

Goals should be established by the team as a whole, not merely dictated by the boss. The manager or leader sets overall direction and ensures alignment with larger business objectives, but their role is one of facilitator and mentor.

  • Establish individual and team goals. All goals should be well-defined, fair and consistent. Consider the SMART approach: specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time bound.
  • Don’t change the rules. Once goals and expectations have been set, don’t change them once work begins. While there may be modifications as a project unfolds, the basic premises should be upheld, unless the entire team concedes otherwise.
  • Generate passion and commitment. The team leader must be able to identify and articulate objectives in a manner that brings out the best in everyone and drives them toward a common outcome. They also must secure the necessary resources to allow their team to succeed.

Have a robust communication strategy.

To ensure optimal results, everyone must feel comfortable working with other team members. All should feel that their ideas, suggestions and concerns are being heard in an open, responsive and respectful manner.

  • Hold team meetings at regularly set times. Have an agenda that offers everyone a chance to contribute. Keep these key updates efficient, orderly and on point.

Develop new leaders.

True teamwork means encouraging individual leadership development. Ask team members about their concerns and the collective priorities of the group. Then encourage individuals to stand up and lead.

  • Foster active listening. This allows team members to speak up without interruption. Instead of giving orders, guide your employees to think and talk through their issues. Then, they’re more likely to come up with collaborative solutions that hold up for the long term.

Celebrate success.

Reassure team members that their contributions and leadership have been recognized and had a positive impact on the business. Recognize achievements and milestones, as well as overall success at the end of a project. Reward appropriately.

The workforce development experts at PrideStaff Fresno can help you effectively team build and address the human capital needs that are integral to your long-term business success. Contact us today to learn more.

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