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The first weeks and months of a new job are a transitory time between the excitement of the offer and the reality of the role. You’ll experience a wide spectrum of experiences and emotions as the dust settles. In the midst of it all, you want to make the best possible first impression and prove to your coworkers that you were the right choice. Planning correctly at the start will put you on course to quickly be viewed as a key contributor.

Don’t wait for the first day.

Soon after accepting your offer, speak directly with appropriate parties including the hiring manager. Convey your excitement and enthusiasm for your new position.

  • Make early connections via social media, especially LinkedIn. Remember to put your best professional foot forward. Now is the time to optimize and refresh your total online presence.

Create a 30/60/90 day plan.

Build your professional strategy around how you’ll get to full productivity faster by mapping out a course to follow during your onboarding period. Set measurable, realistic goals and benchmarks for success at 30, 60 and 90 days.

  • Work with your manager to develop objectives within the framework of overall business goals. This will likely involve holding meet and greet meetings with stakeholders and key colleagues. Check in regularly with your manager to renegotiate deliverables as needed and manage expectations as you learn more from stakeholders.
  • Look for opportunities to make a difference. Scout out the best places to make the greatest change for the better. It may be a new product or program idea or a vertical market to pursue. Think about how you can quickly start to bring real value to the organization.
  • Set realistic goals and course correct as needed. Tether your goals to what’s reasonable for a new hire. Include straightforward items like meeting people and understanding products, as well as moderate to slightly complex objectives related to your job duties.

Find key resources and forge key relationships.

Seek out the people who can help you get things done because of their institutional knowledge or relationships with other key players.

  • Identify critical resources and how to access them. This could be anything from office supplies to investments in technological assets. The more quickly you know the basics, the sooner you can contribute. Also, this is an opportunity to get to know the support team at your new company.
  • Move closer to the superstars. These are employees who excel at the same or a similar role as yours or are clearly successful and well connected to and within the company. You usually can spot them on multiple emails or via personal reference or interaction.

Learn the politics.

Observe, listen and learn. Show that you understand why practices are followed a certain way and that those practices are sound. Be alert for cues related to ownership and territory. The better you can blend partnerships with ongoing learning, the faster you’ll gain support for your ideas.

Keep your chin up.

There are bound to be some minor disappointments as you adjust to your position. Displaying energy and enthusiasm goes a long way toward making a lasting, positive first impression. Starting a new job is very high on the stress meter, so give yourself a break. No one expects perfection right out of the gate.

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