Improving Office Efficiency in Fresno California

Every manager wants their office to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As mid-year approaches, it’s a good time to take a look at steps you might take to enhance operations and improve productivity for the short and long term.

Put Technology to Work for You

Technology is constantly evolving, with more and more programs and tools to make your life easier and your office environment more functional. You might want to consider:

  • Producteev: This is a task management program to assist with the administration and delegation of group projects. The software enables you to easily assign tasks and receive real-time progress reports from all participants. Producteev regulates and organizes work flow and is accessible on Android devices, as well as computers and laptops.
  • datapine: This program allows you to readily report, view and share data throughout your office. It generates charts and graphs, which you can edit and send without hassle and share via interactive dashboards. High-standard charts can be created quickly through simple drag and drop functions. The cloud infrastructure permits all team members to view updated material from wherever they are at any given time.
  • Boomergang: Like many of the best tools, the value of Boomergang lies in its simplicity. It acts as a personal task manager and can be installed with any Gmail account. Boomergang keeps track of the emails you send and receive, ensuring that nothing important slips through the cracks.
  • Scheduling tools: Regardless of which office tool you use to track the whereabouts and activities of your team members, make sure all employees use it to notify others when they are traveling, at a client site, working from home, or on vacation.
  • Wireless capability: Build an infrastructure that allows server and email access wherever an individual may be in the office; for instance, the conference room, training room or reception area.
  • Training to share: Train employees in technology that encourages remote sharing of information. This might include SharePoint, Skype, WebEx, Live Meeting or GoToMeeting.
  • Electronic filing standards: Develop and implement an efficient electronic filing system to eliminate duplication of information and significantly cut down on filing time. Centralize printing facilities in strategic locations.
  • Cell phone options: Encourage employees to share their cell phone numbers with coworkers so they can be contacted when out of the office. Make sure everyone respects the privacy of their colleagues and keeps shared cell numbers confidential.

The Human Factor

Happy employees are productive employees. As you strive to optimize efficiency via the latest technical advances, don’t forget to treat your team members like the talented individuals and valuable contributors they are.

  • Be ergonomically friendly. Something as simple as ensuring that employees are physically comfortable at their desks or work stations goes a long way. Research ergonomic tools and tactics so people aren’t straining their bodies or putting their health at risk simply by sitting in the wrong chair or having their computer monitor in the wrong position.
  • Encourage community. Create opportunities for individuals to get to know one another and share their experiences and skills. Reserve time in meetings where the agenda allows for personal communication, rather than focusing solely on business.

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