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Effective use of social media sites is a key part of your job search strategy. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the three most popular platforms, offer you valuable opportunities to introduce yourself to potential employers and recruiters, and showcase your value to companies.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has more than 1.5 million groups, of which you can join up to 50. Joining and participating in those most relevant to your desired career path is far more effective than simply posting your resume on to job boards. Benefits include:

  • Free InMail: When you join a LinkedIn group, you can message with other member free of charge, versus expensive InMail communications.
  • You distinguish yourself: Your participation in group discussions adds to your personal and professional brand, showcases your expertise, and enhances your search rankings and visibility with employers. Statistics show that LinkedIn group participants get four times more profile views than those who are not active in groups.
  • You build your competitive advantage in the job search world: Hundreds of companies post job openings in LinkedIn groups. Both in-house and outside recruiters search them for thought leaders and people with clear expertise in specific fields and skill sets.

To find LinkedIn groups, go to the Search bar at the top of your home page. Type in your specialty area and click on the groups that relate to the result. When you find a group you like, click the Join button.

Facebook Groups

By using features like the Facebook search function, reaching out to friends about possible career opportunities and announcing your availability, you can benefit from Facebook – and especially Facebook groups – in your job hunt.

  • Facebook remain the world’s largest social media site. You can join different groups according to your education, experience, industry or personal interests. This lets you follow along with discussions, and grow your network with others.

Join a Facebook group by going to it and then clicking Join Group in the top right corner. You also can join any public group that you see on the About page of someone’s profile by clicking Join. You may have to wait for a group administrator to approve your request.

Twitter Chats

Participants in Twitter chats use and follow specific hashtags that allow everyone – not just the people who follow them – to see their contributions. Tools such as Tweetchat, TweetGrid and HootSuite allow for easier hashtag following. You can use to follow a hashtag after a chat, and review ideas, links and conversations at a more leisurely pace. Additional benefits include:

  • Connections: You can add people to your professional network and create mutually beneficial relationships. Networking is still one of the most effective ways to land a job.
  • Advice: You can submit questions for experts to answer during chats. Because chats happen in real time, you can ask for clarification or specific tactics to go along with their advice.
  • Visibility: When you regularly participate in chats, other regulars take notice of you. Among them are employers who see that you’re serious about your job search.

Let your Twitter followers know that they’ll be hearing from you as you join a chat. Add the chat hashtag to your tweets, or use Tweetchat, so participants can find your message in the conversation. Popular Twitter chats for job hunting include #Jobhuntchat, #HFChat and #careerchat.

For additional guidance in your job search – via traditional and social media methods – read our related posts or contact the specialized recruiters at PrideStaff Fresno today.

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