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Your online presence is a representation of who you are. It’s important to consider what yours says about you – especially when job hunting.

While Twitter can help a job search, the opposite also is true: a single insensitive tweet can derail all your best efforts. Unacceptable usage may cause recruiters, prospective employers and professional contacts to shun you, rather than seek you out.

While some Facebook posts are private, the same cannot be said for tweets, unless you have a private account and diligently monitor who you add. And, posts are archived. So even if you delete them, they may still show up on a cached search.

Self-censoring your tweets may be a bit painful at first, but once you start, you’ll soon realize how critically important it is.

Rules of Thumb

When it comes to Twitter and other social networking sites, during your job search, follow these tips:

  • Always be professional. No drunk pictures, sleazy posts or overt sharing of negative opinions. Do not use your Twitter feeds as a forum to vent about everything from previous coworkers to your disillusionment with your current job hunt. You may think you’re tweeting only to your specific followers, but the very nature of Twitter is public discourse. Speaking negatively of anyone suggests an attitude problem, which can get you screened out of opportunities before you ever get a foot in the door.
  • Think before you post. Before you tweet or retweet, stop and ask yourself: What would a potential employer think of this? If the answer is less than sterling, don’t do it. If in doubt, use the “Thanksgiving Rule.” If you shared this topic at Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma’s house, would it cause discord among the guests? If so, don’t tweet it.
  • Never bash former employers. From an employer’s point of view, if you’ve spoken badly about another person or company, what might you post about them someday? By the way, the same rule applies in your job interview.
  • Treat everyone with respect. No flaming tweets, no nasty retweet comments, and no derogatory language – even among your closest friends. Remember: others may not “get it.” All they’ll see is what you posted, on a very literal level.
  • Avoid controversy. While you may feel passionate about subjects like politics or religion, tweets expressing ideas that may draw a heavy emotional response or create polarized dialogue are best avoided.

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