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LinkedIn has a unique distinction among social media platforms. Its purpose is professional networking, not socializing or making personal connections – though this can be an added benefit.

When a hiring manager looks at your LinkedIn page, give them the impression that it’s on point and on purpose – and that you truly care about the direction your career path is taking you.

Use the following tips to optimize your professional LinkedIn image.

Display a professional photo and headline.

You are seven-times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have a professional photo on LinkedIn. And your headline is what LinkedIn tells visitors about you, no matter where you are on the site.

  • Your photo should portray you at your professional best. This means no children, no pets, no spouses, and no casual vacation shots. Use a well-composed headshot.
  • If you have no LinkedIn photo, the assumption is that something is wrong. It’s like a house on the market: If you can’t see it, how could you possibly consider buying it? Plus, a missing photo can lead to missing connections. If you leave a networking event with a handful of business cards, it’s much easier to connect online if you know what a person looks like.
  • Your headline is the title that defines you. This is how you will appear in searches. Make sure it’s accurate, specific, and professionally defines you.

“Sell” yourself through your summary.

Your LinkedIn summary is an online version of the “objective” section on your resume – only better. Since you’re writing online, you have the luxury of more space.

  • Filling out your summary can give you an edge on the competition. Write it in the first person to give it more energy and personality.

Keep your status up-to-date.

Every few days, put something fresh in your LinkedIn Status to show that you’re active and engaged. Whether you share industry news or a link to a relevant article, this space is great for building connections.

  • The people you’re updating in your network are valuable. If you have a great following, this is part of the assets you bring to the table.

List your entire work history.

Unlike your resume, where you’re trying to target one or two pages toward a specific position, you should list your entire work history on LinkedIn.

  • You never know what criteria may drive a hiring decision. Maybe a recruiter went through the same fast-food training program you did, and wants you for the customer service skills they know you learned.
  • Include volunteer work. Emphasize important tasks completed and skills acquired.

Customize your connection messages.

Avoid using the standard request when establishing connections. Your goal is to build relationships that will leverage into career opportunities, so tailor your message to the specific recipient.

  • People who use LinkedIn correctly want to be connected to individuals who make them look good. Employers appreciate your connections and may even hire you because you know the right people and can make things happen.For the best results from your online presence and other facets of your job search strategy, consider partnering with a specialized recruiter from PrideStaff Fresno. Read our related posts or contact us today for more information.

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