Presenting a well-organized hiring packet helps get you off to a great start with your new hires, as it portrays your company and brand in a positive, well-organized fashion. The contents must be comprehensive and legally compliant, and should immediately create the right impression.

Designing the best possible new hire packet is not difficult, but it does require some thoughtful planning on the part of your hiring team. Be sure to include the following factors in a new hire packet.

A Welcome Letter

Address a welcome letter to each new employee by name and print it on company letterhead. Include warm words of introduction, along with some general background information on the organization and relevant plans for the future.

  • Wrap it up with contact information for the new hire’s HR representative, in case they need guidance during their critical first few months on the job.

An Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook should be a complete guide with all the information a person needs to be successful on the job. This encompasses everything from your company mission statement to detailed policies and procedures.

  • Go over your employee handbook with each new hire. Ask them to sign off and acknowledge that they have read it in its entirety.
  • You may also want to integrate a digital version with access to online safety, harassment and other training.

Employment Forms

Include all standard employment forms required by law, such as the W-4, 1099 and EEOC surveys. Be sure all the necessary documents are included to legally identify new hires and ensure they are eligible for employment.

  • To make it easy for payroll to set up correct tax deductions, have the employee provide you with an authorization form, which also can be used for direct deposit.

Insurance, Payroll and Benefit Information

New employees need to know what to expect in terms of health and disability insurance, retirement options and related payroll matters and benefits.

  • Include a copy of insurance rates for individual and family plans, as well as any applicable retirement options.
  • Provide information on pay dates and procedures, as well as where to direct related questions.
  • Include a listing of all benefits and perks available to your new hire, along with time frames and deadlines.

Uniform and Equipment Forms

If your workplace or a job requires a uniform or special equipment, your new hire packet should contain forms and instructions for obtaining these items. Make the process easy both now and in the future, for replacement purposes.

A Company Directory

Be sure new hires have access to the resources and information they need to do their job. Understanding who various leaders and team members are – and how to reach them – is key to this process. Provide access to your company directory, with names, email addresses and telephone extensions.

Employee Contact Information

You need general information on every employee, beginning with emergency contacts in the unfortunate event of an on-the-job incident or illness. Have a form where your new hire can fill in this information, along with their correct mailing address, birth date, and any special health or personal requirements to keep them safe and comfortable at work.

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