As the year winds down and the holidays approach, it’s a natural time for employees’ enthusiasm about work to slump a bit. Their minds are on other things, and it’s difficult to stay motivated in the face of all the distractions.

Being happy with your job regardless of the time of year depends on intangibles such as feeling like part of a team and being valued and appreciated. Use these three tips to keep your employees’ minds in the game, and their excitement levels high.

Communicate well and often.

Perhaps the most important ingredient in employee satisfaction – and management effectiveness – is ongoing, transparent, two-way communication. Create a culture of communication in which management and employees share common goals and work together to meet them.

Recognize and reward.

Say “thank you” for a job well done. This should be done often and in person. Publicly acknowledging employee contributions is even better. Recent research shows that praise from immediate supervisors and attention from company leaders is just as, or more important to employees than financial rewards.

Make work fun.

The best bosses pay attention to the big picture and create a supportive environment. They show that they care about their people by being involved in processes and by making work fun whenever possible. It pays off, as employees get a lot more done when they enjoy themselves.

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