Your Interview Isn’t Over When You Leave the Room

After your job interview concludes and you leave the premises, you can bet that you continue to be the topic of conversation among your interviewers. In fact, it’s not a good sign if they dismiss you and forget about you right away.

That’s What They Said About You

As they discuss you as a candidate, employers address certain critical topics to determine whether or not you are the right fit for the job. Among the most common questions asked is, “Is this individual excited to be interviewing here?”

Most companies do whatever it takes to hire people who are passionate about their company’s mission and vision. If you have a sincere interest in an organization – and this clearly shows during your interview – it will go a long way towards your being seriously considered for hire. It takes more than simply being well qualified on paper. Use your follow-up “thank you” notes to reemphasize your enthusiasm.

You Know They Loved You When …

Be observant during your interview. Then you can begin to get a read on how well it’s going and what might be said about you afterwards. Keep an eye on:

  • Interviewers’ body language. Strong, consistent eye contact is a good sign. So is an interviewer who is smiling, laughing and generally upbeat.
  • Interview length. You get a thumbs up if the conversation extends beyond the time you had anticipated. Hiring managers often budget extra time in case candidates excel.
  • Types of questions asked. Are questions raised about your long-term plans and objectives? If interviewers discuss future growth opportunities at the company, this shows a deeper interest in you and your potential. It’s also a positive if you are asked about your other job search opportunities or your availability.
  • Whether a hiring manager is talkative and attentive. If your interviewers seem to want to get to know you or start opening up about themselves, this is a plus. It’s not a good sign if they are distracted by phone calls, texts or other interruptions. If you have their undivided attention, it means they are genuinely interested.
  • Whether you are introduced to others. When an interviewer likes you, they may want to get the opinions of others. This may include their peers, their bosses, or your potential co-workers. Being introduced to your prospective colleagues is an especially promising sign.
  • Whether the conversation ends on a positive note. Not all interviewers show their cards, but you know you’re in a good position when they proactively tell you they will get back to you soon, or they immediately want to set up a subsequent interview.

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