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Don’t lose your job search momentum as the year winds down. With many people taking a break from job hunting during the holidays – and, employers often having extra down time and preparing their strategy for the New Year ahead – December can be a fruitful time to work on finding  the position of your dreams. What better way to kick off 2017?

With the right planning and proactive moves, you will be well on your way to career success. Here are three tips to keep you on track:

Know what you want.

Fast away the old year passes … and this is a natural time to reflect on the past 12 months and, more importantly, the 12 months ahead.  Ask yourself these questions, so you can focus on finding a job that truly meets your needs and satisfies your passions:

  • What do you value most in a job? Is it salary and prestige, the ability to make an impact on a larger community, or better work-life balance?
  • What type of work excites and engages you? A good starting point in answering this question is to seek work that makes you lose track of time, while providing a deep sense of satisfaction.

Optimize your social media presence.

Start with LinkedIn and from there, use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to attract the attention of employers and hiring managers.

  • Deep dive into LinkedIn. Actively participate in industry and interest groups. Become fully engaged with your networks. Have a sharp, complete profile. An increasing number of experts agree that an outstanding LinkedIn profile is even more important that a stellar resume.
  • Find relevant groups by going to your LinkedIn home page, clicking on the Groups tab, and searching there. Join a few, post links to interesting articles, participate in discussions and share relevant resources. You will become known as a go-to resource and improve the likelihood of your being noticed by the right people.
  • Employers identify candidates through their online presence. Use your personal website, social media presence, development of subject matter expertise and a well-defined personal brand to gain positive attention.

Quantify your achievements.

Go through your resume and LinkedIn profile and quantify as many of your career achievements as possible. Use numbers and relevant keywords that correlate with the job description.

  • Be specific. For instance, instead of simply stating that you “increased sales,” state that you “increased sales by 35 percent in a nine-month period.”

It’s all about standing out from the competition, and you can end your year on a high note by making an indelible positive impression that includes perseverance, regardless of the season. Then get ready to relax and have a very Happy New Year!

The PrideStaff Fresno team can partner with you to find your next great job – from resume and social media strategies and interview preparation through negotiating and transitioning into your new role. Read our related posts or contact us today for more information.

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