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Asking for feedback after a job rejection can be a bit stressful – but it also can be very beneficial as you continue your search for a new position. When, how and why should you take this step?

First of all, keep your spirits up. Maybe that one employer didn’t think you were right for the job, but chances are, it wasn’t right for you either. A positive attitude is everything when it comes to your success.

Why Feedback is Helpful

Once you know the reasons for not getting a job, you can decide whether or not it’s something you can control. For instance, was a specific professional skill missing from your resume? Did the employer indicate you should have researched their company more thoroughly? Or, did they want to see more of your confidence and personality? With the answers in hand, you’ll know what you have to work on before your next interview.

When to Ask

You shouldn’t ask for feedback after every single job application, but if you reach the interview stage – especially after the second or third round – it’s perfectly acceptable to follow up and learn more. In fact, it further demonstrates your professionalism and dedication to self-improvement. And, the employer should know you well enough by this point to give you some valuable tips.

Who to Ask

Begin with your recruiter as your follow-up information source. If you were offered the job directly, start with the person who contacted or interviewed you.

  • Generally, getting in touch by email works best, because employees will have time to gather their thoughts and provide the best response.

How to Ask

Show you understand the purpose of feedback, which is to improve your chances elsewhere – not to persuade an employer to change their mind.

  • Be professional. This means being unemotional. Don’t sound too gushy or overly friendly – or too rude or casual. Never appear defensive. This will help the employer see you in a truly positive light.
  • Be brief. Show respect for the employer’s time. There is no need for a lengthy explanation or dialogue.
  • Express your thanks. Let them know you appreciated being considered for the position and you are grateful for their taking the time to provide you with feedback.

If your request for feedback is denied, chalk it up to experience and carry on. You won’t get feedback from everyone you ask, so save your energy. Pat yourself on the back for getting an interview in the first place, then move on to pursue other opportunities.

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