Interviews judge not only your answers to the questions asked, but also your professionalism, organization and poise. This includes creating an overall look that says you’re the right hire. What you wear should accentuate the fact you’re a pro who’s ready to get to work at a new job. Let common sense be your guide.

Interview Style Tips

In recent research, nine out of 10 employers said when all else was equal, they hired the candidate who best presented themselves during their interview. What you wear really could mean the difference between a job offer and a rejection.

  • Make your outfit your “visual resume.” Be sure it sends the right message about your talents and capabilities. It should convey competency, respect and appropriate boundary-setting. A conservative suit is advisable.
  • Consider the industry. How you dress may vary somewhat, depending on the industry and the specific position for which you are interviewing. For instance, in the auto or manufacturing business, it may be appropriate to make an exception to the suit rule of thumb; however, look as professional and conservative as possible. Try to determine company dress code ahead of time, and then polish it to perfection.
  • Details matter. From head to toe, everything you wear should either be new or freshly cleaned, pressed and in excellent condition. Limit jewelry, cologne and makeup. Invest some time and money in a suitable interview wardrobe. You will invite others to invest back in you.
  • Don’t be “color blind.” Conservative colors in various shades of grey and blue are your best bet. Black could be viewed as too serious, so if you do opt for it, also wear another color to soften the look. Brown also can be questionable as a business color and probably should be avoided.

Blunders to Avoid

Stay away from these fashion blunders that could damage your chances of getting to the next step in the hiring process:

  • Wild nail polish. Use a conservative color. Keep your nails short and well groomed.
  • Jangly jewelry. Limit earrings to one per ear and avoid face jewelry, ankle bracelets or anything which says, “too much bling.”
  • Open-toed or backless shoes or bare legs – even in summertime. The same is true for skirts that are too short, Capri pants and leggings.
  • Leather jackets. This goes for both men and women.
  • Turtlenecks on men. A tie is preferable or at the very least, a collared shirt.
  • Printed or trendy handbags. Like your outfit, keep your purse and/or briefcase conservative and in good condition. Similarly, avoid backpacks or anything that looks less than professional.

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