You invest a lot in your top talent. And in today’s workplace, company loyalty has changed dramatically. Millennial employees have a reputation for moving quickly from job to job, and the days of staying with a company long enough to earn that gold watch for 25 or more years of service are fast becoming ancient history.

Planning for shorter tenures may be the new reality, but holding on to your best performers is still a top priority. What strategies can you use to ensure this happens?


Beef Up Your Process

In a recent study, 70 percent of employees said they were more likely to stay at their new company for three years or more if they experienced a favorable hiring process. This is where you make your first impression with a team member.

Encourage Flexibility

Allow remote working options, flexible hours and fluid PTO policies. Employees with work/life balance are happier, and as a result, more productive and loyal. Give people the mobility they desire.


Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Start with your job descriptions. Make sure every employee understands what is required of them. Communicate this information directly and regularly.


Offer Growth Opportunities

Let your top performers know there is room for advancement within your organization.


Recognize and Reward

Acknowledgment of a job well done goes a long way toward building long-term loyalty.

In order to find and retain the best talent, you need an innovative staffing partner who knows your unique needs and has the tools and resources to meet them. Working with PrideStaff Fresno, you can be assured this will happen. Contact us today to learn more.

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