How Employees Benefit From Continuous Training

Effective training should start on day one of an employee’s tenure at your company and become successive as a person grows within the organization. The short-term expense is well worth the long-term gains, as you develop satisfied, qualified, productive workers.

Recent research showed that 40 percent of employees who received poor training left their jobs within the first year. Training that develops people toward their long-term career goals is good for everyone involved.

Why You Should Build a Robust Training Program

In addition to boosting job satisfaction and retention, your robust, continuous training program enhances:

  • Morale: Well-trained employees naturally feel better about and have a greater love for their work. The more knowledge people are equipped with, the more capable people are in accomplishing their personal, as well as professional, goals.
  • Efficiency: When people have a sharp knowledge of their jobs, they move tasks more quickly through your systems. This reduces stress levels, and as things get done on time, makes for a better work/life balance. Late nights, weekends marred by trips into the office to catch up, and taking work home – literally or figuratively – become the exception versus the rule.

Of course, your business as well as your people reap the benefits as:

  • Customer relations improve: As employees are better equipped to handle inquiries and solve problems, this carries over into better sales and service.
  • Flexibility grows: You can cross train people to be capable in multiple areas of your business, such as administration and operations, as well as sales and customer service. This is a huge help when you need to adjust schedules or fill in for absences. Cross training also fosters team spirit, as workers more fully appreciate the challenges faced by their colleagues.
  • You stay up to date on your industry and technology: Constant training keeps both you and your employees current. Part of your training program should focus on competitive analysis. This provides an incentive not only for your employees, but also for you and your senior managers, to stay on track.
  • Your employer brand is built: Companies with the reputation of being a great place to work attract the best talent. It’s that simple. With great training, you will draw candidates who are hungry for growth, advancement and success.

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