Skilled receptionists are in high demand, and the best candidates don’t stay in the job market for long.  And because they are often the first point of contact with your customers, you don’t want to settle when it comes to filling this position.

Follow these tips to ensure you find the right combination of experience and personality in your next receptionist:

Define the job.

Determine exactly what the scope of your receptionist’s responsibilities will be. Communicate this clearly in your job description and posting. By using defined criteria, you will identify the right prospect more quickly and avoid losing the best candidate to a competitor.

Remember that first impressions matter.

How someone is greeted in person or on the phone is a direct reflection on your business. Your first impression of a candidate for a receptionist position is just as important. Consider their poise and polish, as well as interpersonal skills, wardrobe and appearance. You want to hire someone who collaborates easily, gives and receives criticism gracefully, and rises above office politics. Think about how you want to be represented.

Strong communication skills are key.

Active listening and good communication skills are a must for a receptionist. Vocal clarity is critical for answering phone calls – as is the ability to concisely explain complex services, procedures, directions and guidelines. Communication strength also applies to such duties as scheduling and changing meetings and other appointments.

Look for someone who can think on their feet.

More than the average employee, a receptionist typically deals with unexpected situations, such as calls from upset customers, uncommon requests and unusual questions. Look for a candidate who is adaptable and can multitask without getting flustered. Prepare some surprising behavioral interview questions, so you can gauge how a person responds when put on the spot.

Check for technical prowess.

The more adept a candidate is with job-related technology, the better. This applies not only to phone systems, copiers and printers, but also to word processing, Excel, desktop publishing, social media and any platforms or programs specific to your industry.

Pay competitively.

Find out what the typical wage range is for receptionists in your area. If possible, pay at the high end or even a little above it, so you can attract and retain the best people.

In order to source the strongest talent for your receptionist and other administrative positions, you need a nimble and innovative staffing partner. Working with PrideStaff Fresno, you can be assured the best tools and techniques are available, so you can achieve your desired hiring results quickly and successfully. Contact us today to set up an informational meeting.

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