When is the Right Time to Promote an Employee?

As a manager, it’s part of your job to identify and groom the next generation of leaders within your company. You may have a good idea of what an employee’s next step should be, but how do you determine exactly when to promote them?

If you act too soon, an individual may be overwhelmed by their new responsibilities. On the other hand, if you wait too long, they may become frustrated or resentful, or even seek out a better opportunity elsewhere.

Ready for Promotion If …

Employees who are ready for promotion are likely to exhibit the following leadership traits:

  • They seek out new challenges. When employees proactively look for challenging assignments, and then see them through successfully, it’s a clear sign of leadership potential. Leverage their past performance data, and identify where they have excelled. Then, give them a promotion that leverages those strengths.
  • They consistently demonstrate their positive impact. Have an ongoing conversation with employees who consistently exceed goals and expectations. Explore their short- and long-term aspirations. Identify areas of interest that align with your organizational vision; from there, you can determine the next step.
  • They show a high level of emotional intelligence. Having strong EI means a person is able to connect with various personalities and shows empathy for both co-workers and clients. People with high EI are not only good leaders, they also attract other high-potential talent.
  • They take responsibility for failures, as well as victories. How someone handles setbacks and obstacles is a sign of how willing they are to grow into any promotion you may have in mind for them.
  • They’re already working at the next level. It’s common for natural leaders to be doing aspects of a role, even before they actually get the position. Along the same lines, they routinely spot and solve organizational problems and move ahead with solutions.
  • They don’t complain. Even when their plates are full, if someone asks for their help, they agree with reasonable requests that make the best business sense. They understand the end goal is to help the company grow. They’re willing to go above and beyond and break down walls to get the job done.

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