Important Things You Can Learn From Exit Interviews

Follow This Guide to Improve Your Communication Skills

It’s tough when a good employee leaves your company.

Rarely can you change their mind, once they’ve made up their minds – but you can use an exit interview as a rich source of information to help your organization improve. Rarely, if ever, will you receive such candid, frank feedback from a current member of your workforce.

What to Ask

Exit interview questions are valuable for obtaining actionable information for future improvements. Start on a light, conversational tone, to make the employee feel comfortable. Reassure them that no negative consequences will result from the honest discussion that ensues. Explain you will use the information to help improve and retain other valued employees.

Try to get the most specific information you can. Ask a departing employee:

  • Why they are leaving. Is the root of their dissatisfaction their salary, the nature of their work, their schedule or how they have been treated by management? Or something else entirely? Don’t stop at vague, general answers, such as, “I’m just not happy here.” Deep dive and ask follow-up questions to understand exactly what’s going on.
  • What they liked about their job at your company. This is the flip side to the “why are you leaving?” question. Learning the positives is just as important as dissecting the negatives. This way, you also learn what not to change about your workplace and culture.
  • Whether they had the necessary resources to succeed. When employees feel they are lacking the right budget and other support to succeed, they don’t feel their company is committed to their growth and success.
  • If the problem was with management. The quality of supervision is very important to most people at work. Ask about an individual’s relationship with their manager, as well as their general views about company leadership.

End on a Positive Note

Before you conclude an exit interview, commit to using the information provided to make real changes for the better at your company. Wish the employee well in their new endeavor, and end the meeting on a positive, gracious note.

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