Being the new kid at work is both challenging and exciting. On your first day, you’ll be faced with difficulties as well as opportunities. Your goal is to make the most of both.

Here are some dos and don’ts to get you off on the right foot, so you make a great first impression and are able to relax, enjoy the day and do your job.


  • Dress for success. In the early days of a new job, you never know when you may be called on to meet a senior executive or an important client. If you haven’t been given a dress code, find out ahead of time what the appropriate attire is for your new workplace. Always dress like a pro. Studies show that people form an opinion of you within seven seconds of meeting you.
  • Arrive a little early. Before your first day, do a trial run. See how long it takes to get there, allowing for traffic and other factors. Then, give yourself extra time so you arrive a few minutes early on day one.
  • Ask for help and advice. Asking questions is better than making mistakes. Don’t let your pride get in the way by pretending to know everything. No one expects you to, and it’s much better to ask for assistance than guess.
  • Be nice – to everyone. Friendliness and courtesy are great attributes in any situation, but especially as you start a new job. This applies to everyone you meet, from the time you arrive on the property. Make a point of remembering people’s names, especially those you will come into contact with on a regular basis.
  • Don’t expect to feel 100 percent comfortable or to learn everything all at once. It will take time. If you feel yourself starting to get stressed, take a deep breath. Collect yourself and remember what a great opportunity this is for you. Then smile and move forward.


  • Presume to know everything. Be humble. Don’t be a know-it-all. Take some time to listen and learn before you jump in and start giving advice.
  • Try to outperform your co-workers. You don’t have to impress the entire department in one day. Instead, take the first few steps toward building relationships. Try to make a positive connection with one or two people – and make this your modus operandi for the coming weeks.
  • Bother a busy manager when someone else could have answered your question. You’ll feel like your problem is important, but it may not be high on a manager’s priority list. Seek first to help them solve their problems. Once they see you’re an asset to them, they will reciprocate.
  • Talk too much or too loud, or laugh at everything. Enthusiasm about your new job is important, but too much is too much. Hyperenthusiasm can be very bothersome to others. On the flip side, don’t just sit in your cubicle and be silent. If someone asks you to lunch or on a break, go. If you’ve finished a task and are unsure what to do next, ask.

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