An increasing number of companies are hiring temporary employees when they need people to fill in on a short-term basis. And in many cases, these assignments turn into full-time opportunities.

A temporary position can be a smart, strategic move towards your long-term career goals. Research has shown that after working as temps, job candidates subsequently fare better in the labor market, have a better chance of working for higher wage companies, and develop relevant professional skills.

The advantages of temporary work include:

You get your foot in the door.

In a recent survey, 43 percent of employers reported they planned to bring at least some of their temporary workers on board as full-time employees.

  • While companies often hire temps so they can assess their performance before making a permanent job offer, you too can “try before you buy” – evaluate a company to determine whether you’d want to make a long-term commitment to working there.

You gain new skills and experience.

Working as a temporary employee enables you to develop new skills and opens doors to new businesses and industries.

  • Sixty-five percent of workers surveyed said they had acquired new skills or improved current ones, through temporary assignments.

You’re exposed to different company cultures.

Temporary jobs offer opportunities to see what difference workplace environments are like and what you would prefer as a full-time employee. For instance, do you thrive in a fast-paced environment? Do you like working with the public? Do you prefer a desk job? By temping, you can discover what you’re good at and what you really want out of a job.

You can build your professional network.

In a temporary job, you will meet new people and grow your personal and professional network.

  • Staffing agencies have the inside track on who’s hiring. And between your agencies and the companies where you’re placed, you can make numerous valuable connections. They can be sources of future job leads, as well as possibly serving as references.

You control your own schedule.

As a temp, you have optimal control over when and where you work.

  • Many assignments are part time, so you can easily continue to focus on your job search, as well as your family and other priorities. And whether it’s part time or full, you don’t have to accept an assignment if it interferes with vacations, your children’s summer break or other commitments.

Choose the Right Agency

Be sure to partner with a temporary staffing agency that specializes in your preferred industry or role. PrideStaff Fresno has a proven track record of matching job seekers with leading companies in areas including accounting, customer service, finance, IT, hospitality, light industry, purchasing and sales. Check out our job portal or contact us today to find the temporary assignment that’s just right for you.

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