In today’s competitive world, you may think a college degree is a prerequisite to finding a good job and a stable career.

Not always. For many, a career in a skilled trade is perfect – and equally lucrative and satisfying. And you can be working in the “real world” anywhere from six months to two years, starting down your career path with the right combination of education and experience.

There is no single definition for skilled labor. It is any type of occupation that requires some level of skills training, but not a four-year college degree. Electricians, plumbers, construction workers, welders, landscapers, cooks, brewers, and employees in the repair and maintenance industries are examples.

Why Choose a Skilled Trade?

Regardless of which career you choose, it should be something that interests you, incites your passion, and is the right fit for your life. Here are some reasons why your decision may lead you to a skilled trade:

  • You’ll always be in demand. The trades are always in demand. But with members of the baby boomer generation retiring, there are currently more tradespeople leaving the workplace than entering it. As a skilled tradesperson, you can expect ample job opportunities and security. You can easily start your own business or apply for the position of your choice, and most likely get it.
  • You gain immediate experience. Opting for a skilled trade career versus a four-year college degree takes half the time and allows you to simultaneously earn experience and an education. Apprentices are immediately involved in hands-on projects, under the guidance of skilled professionals.
  • It’s affordable. By attending a trade school or community college and learning a skilled trade, many students graduate with little to no loan debt. There also are scholarships and grants available.
  • You can make a good living. Paychecks for skilled trades often match or exceed those of other careers. Salaries vary between geographic regions, companies, industries and years of experience, but most people in the skilled trades earn attractive salaries. A range of $40,000 to $90,000, depending on your specialty, is not uncommon.

Do you think a career in a skilled trade may be right for you? Let the experienced recruiters at PrideStaff Fresno provide guidance and resources as you make your decision – and check out our career portal for a sampling of available positions, both temporary and full time. Good luck as you pave the way to your future!

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