Do You Know Your True Hiring Needs?

Strategic staffing is an ongoing process. And you’re so busy each day that you may find yourself filling positions on a “must-have” basis, rather than stepping back to evaluate whether or not your company’s true hiring needs are being met. It happens to the best of HR pros.

If you miscalculate staffing, you run the risk of poor customer service, the inability to generate repeat business, wasted resources, and high employee turnover. Like your business itself, staffing needs constantly evolve. What worked five years – or even one year – ago may no longer apply. How can you keep your talent management strategy on track and up to date?

Look at the Big Picture

Take a bird’s eye view of your current hiring situation. It should tie in directly with your company’s overall strategic plan. Does that plan predict growth in the years ahead, or downsizing? Are there seasonal fluctuations that will merit temporary versus full-time staffing? These are among the key questions to be addressed.

  • Study customer traffic patterns. Every business has its ebbs and flows. Pinpoint as accurately as possible when yours will occur, so you can adjust staffing accordingly.
  • Observe your employees. Pay attention to determine if they seem stressed or overburdened, or if they have a good deal of downtime during which productivity lags. Ask your managers to report on staff efficiency to ensure essential tasks are being completed on time and within budget.
  • Get additional staff and customer feedback. Find out how your current staffing and its impact on business results are perceived. Are customers complaining about long waits for products or services? Are employees concerned about regularly having to stay late or perform double duty? If your team members feel challenged, but not overburdened, and your customers are happy with the degree of care they’re receiving, you’re right on track.

Build Your Plan

Once you’ve established your direction, you can zero in on which positions need to be filled and when. From here:

  • Composed detailed job descriptions. Your JDs should be not merely descriptors, but also powerful marketing tools for your employer brand. Of course, it’s critical to include the required skills, experience and competencies for the job. But also incorporate attractive details about working for your company, and about its culture.
  • Consider where you advertise. One of your best tactics may be niche employment sites, where you increase the chances of finding not just any candidates, but the right Professional organizations can also be a huge help in reaching pre-qualified and passive talent. After all, their members already know and work within your industry.

Working with the right recruiter is another crucial element to your short and long-term staffing success. PrideStaff Fresno has a proven track record in successful temporary and full-time hiring in areas including administration, customer service, IT, finance, legal support, healthcare, and production and distribution. Contact us today so we can set up an informational meeting with you and your leadership team.