Tips for Writing an Eye-Catching Job Posting

What does your job posting say about your company? The words you use matter and can make a big impact in terms of who responds. Crafting a compelling posting is like writing any other good advertisement: You need to know your audience, address them in a language they understand, and offer them what they want.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips for writing job postings that get noticed by your most desired candidates:

  • Use a strong job title and introduction. Be specific about the role. This will allow candidates to compare what is required with their own skills and experience. And, it will discourage those who are not qualified from applying. Following the job title, add a single paragraph with three to five details applicants will find most enticing about the position.
  • Tell your company story. Provide information that applicants want to know; for instance, number of years you’ve been in business, how long employees stay, interesting clients and projects, awards, accolades and work culture facts. If you want to keep the name of your company under wraps, do so. But include a description of your industry, business size and any other details that show why your organization is a major player.
  • Sell the position. Include only requirements that are essential to the job. Try to limit this to one to three things. Then provide information on work hours, interesting co-workers, location, education and growth opportunities, and benefits and perks. Use keywords to make the right candidate match.
  • Recap why they should apply. Provide a quick, bullet-pointed summary of the top reasons people should apply for your job. This will help keep these key points top of mind when a candidate is hovering over the apply button.
  • Explain your application process. Detail everything from when a person first applies to when they are either hired or turned away. Don’t leave good talent in the dark about what will happen next.
  • Have other people read it before you post it. Treat your job posting like any other important marketing piece. Have multiple people review it and provide honest feedback, before releasing it.
  • Improve your email responses. Look at the emails you send to candidates at each step of your hiring process. Make sure they are clear, personal and continue to sell the applicant on the role at every step. A poor first response can undo all the hard work you did in getting them to apply.
  • Remember: job descriptions are not job posts. A job description should be a detailed account of the responsibilities and expectations for a job that is used internally at your company. A job posting is meant to sell applicants on your organization, team and all the things that make working for you great.

Do you need help with your job postings or with finding the right candidates for your open positions in customer service, administration, IT, finance, production and distribution, or healthcare, legal and customer service support? If so, contact the career and recruiting experts at PrideStaff Fresno today.

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