The Best Ways to Stay Productive While Unemployed

Being out of work is scary and even demoralizing. The loss of stability that comes with the end of a job can cause you to sink into despair if you’re not careful.

Don’t lose hope! This may actually be a blessing in disguise. You could emerge with a better position and a higher chance of success in your future endeavors. Your pathway to success starts with making the most of this time you suddenly have on your hands. In fact, you still do have a job – and it’s finding one! So, dust off your resume, turn on your networking finesse, and make it happen.


Freelance work – either in your current field or a new one – can tide you over financially, while keeping your skills sharp and your toes in the water, so you stay current with industry trends, contacts and developments.

  • The extra cash you earn will remind you that you’re still a vital part of the workforce. Plus, you can earmark it for a new interview suit or a special treat like dinner out with friends, to keep your spirits up.

Whether your goal is to change careers or avoid a gap in your resume, freelancing may be just the ticket.


Volunteer work may not be profitable from a money standpoint, but the benefits can be endless. You can boost your resume, add to your professional network, and maybe even open doors to new career possibilities. Last but not least, realize how lucky you are to be able to help those less fortunate.

Go Back to School

Take an in-person or online course or master a new skill in your chosen field. This may just remind you of why you selected this career path in the first place.

  • Become better prepared for interviews by staying fresh on current industry happenings.
  • Meet new people. Again, it’s a chance to build your network. Or make new friends. Both are great options!


In addition to face-to-face networking, use this time to optimize your social media and online presence.

  • Make sure your existing profiles are professional. Delete any content that may portray you in a less than favorable light. Put your best foot forward on all social media channels.
  • Create a website, or refresh your existing site. Use this as a tool to showcase your achievements and strengths. Opt for a site with a built-in blog, so you can write posts that highlight your particular expertise.

Consider Temporary Work

A temporary job or contract assignment can be a key job-search step, as it may lead to a full-time offer or be a portal to important contacts and connections. PrideStaff Fresno offers access to both temporary and full-time opportunities in administration, customer service, IT, finance, healthcare, production and distribution. Check out our current open positions – or contact one of our professional career counselors to partner with you throughout your career transition.

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