How Can You Differentiate Yourself From Other Candidates?

As you compete for your next job, how can you ensure you’re at the head of the pack?

To stand out from the competition, emphasize those softer, transferable skills that make your personal brand unique. These are the characteristics you can take to almost any job – and often, they are what sets you apart and can be the driving factor in an employer’s final hiring decision.

Focus on the Job Description

As is the case with hard skills, such as education, experience and professional licensures and certification, focus on the soft skills relevant to the specific job. Here are some that are universally recognized as key strengths in a job applicant:

  • Leadership: This is a necessary trait for collaboration, and it shows you have accountability and take responsibility for your actions and decisions. Your true character shines through when you can take the helm, even admitting what you’ve done wrong and showing how you have learned from your setbacks.
  • Enthusiasm: Show your passion for the job. Your enthusiasm should emerge naturally, making it easy to convey. The easiest way to convey enthusiasm is by simply saying it. For instance, demonstrate your passion during interviews and when you write your follow-up thank-you note. It will pay off.
  • Confidence: Elaborate on your confidence in your ability to do the job through resume bullets, as well as during your interviews. In the eye of a future employer, confidence equals competence – and it’s a two-way street. If you appear confident, it makes it easier for a company to have trust and confidence in you.
  • Work ethic: Demonstrate your strong work ethic throughout the hiring process. On your resume, talk about past successes and how hard you worked to achieve them – and prove it with numbers. During your interviews, discuss how much you focused and persevered in order to get results.

More Soft Skills

Communication, listening, decision making, judgment, planning, organizing and time management are additional soft skills worth concentrating on as you progress through the hiring process. As you hone these skills – and prepare to make the best possible impression as you compete for your next dream job – consider partnering with a career coach from PrideStaff Fresno. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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