How to Fit in on Your First Day of Work

As you anticipate your first day at a new job, get ready to embrace the change!

Things will be different from your last role – and that’s more than okay. It’s exciting and offers a world of promises and prospects, as you enter this new phase in your career. Approach day one with an open mind and be ready to soak it all in. At the same time, be patient with yourself as you determine how you’ll fit in with the workflow, your new team and company culture.

Be Prompt

Arrive about 15 minutes early. Practice the commute ahead of time, if you haven’t already. You don’t want to be late, nor do you want to be too early, so your new boss and others are as prepared as you are for your first day.

Look the Part

Dress to your personal style, but also to your new role. Be as professional about how you look and what you wear as you were during your interviews.

  • If you haven’t done so already, determine the dress code in advance. You want to blend in and make others and yourself comfortable, right from the start.

Update Your Elevator Pitch

This is another tactic similar to something you’d do in advance of an interview. Take your 60-second description of yourself and update it to your new role. Explain who you are, what you’ll be doing at your new company, and where you came from.

Learn the Social Landscape

A key factor in succeeding at your new job is not only getting along with your team members, but also associating with the right ones.

  • Begin to learn about office politics. Understand the real positional hierarchy: who answers to who. Power can manifest in many different ways – not just according to people’s official titles.
  • Talk to your peers. Get insight early on into how things work. Make it known that you’re friendly and approachable, so you start out on the right foot in establishing trust.
  • Don’t judge too quickly. Give everyone and everything a chance. Keep a positive attitude.
  • Express your gratitude. Thank everyone who helps you get acclimated. And thank your boss again for giving you this opportunity.
  • Grasp the big picture. Listen, listen, and listen some more. This is the best way to grasp the big picture and get a handle on your department and company’s top priorities. Take lots of notes and pay attention to how decisions are made.
  • Ask questions. Demonstrate your curiosity and desire to learn.

Be 100% Present

You will be observed more in your early days, and your attitude and work ethic will be on visible display.

  • Project high energy. Everyone wants to work with enthusiastic, upbeat people. Let them know they can expect this from you.

If you need additional guidance in transitioning into your new job – whether it’s how to best give notice, relocating or gearing up for this next big professional adventure – contact the professional career counselors at PrideStaff Fresno. And last but not least, congratulations!

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