Does your boss make you feel valued? As a result, are you excited about your future with your company?

Or, do you work hard, try to always stay a step ahead and go above and beyond to meet expectations – and yet it doesn’t seem like your manager even notices? If so, are they just busy … or are you underappreciated and undervalued?

Negative Signs

Here are some signs your boss is not invested in you:

  • You feel invisible. Not only does your boss not ask for your thoughts, but when you offer them, they dismiss them. No matter what you do, you feel like you’re out of the loop. It’s especially worrisome when decisions are made about tasks or projects that are part of your workload and you’re not involved in the conversation.
  • You don’t get feedback. Your manager should have an ongoing interest in helping you build on your strengths and overcome weaknesses. The two of you should be in regular touch regarding your performance. If you hear only about the negatives or, worse yet, you hear nothing at all, it indicates that either your boss takes you for granted, is unaware of your contributions or simply doesn’t care about you.
  • You keep getting passed over for promotions, without explanation. If you know you deliver top-notch work and are qualified, yet you still can’t get a leg up on being promoted, it’s a red flag your boss is not invested in your career.

What You Can Do

Here are some ways to enhance your visibility in your manager’s eyes, in positive ways:

  • Do your job well. Before you ask for a new opportunity, make sure you’ve shown the value you already bring to your team. Consistently excel at your core duties, even while working on additional projects. Show you’re willing – and even excited – to put in extra work to invest in your own growth.
  • Play the long game. If you want your boss to be invested in your long-term growth, you need to make it a regular conversation, not just a one-time request. Establish a precedent of talking about your career vision and areas of improvement you see for yourself during a check-in, once a month or so. By keeping the conversation going, the two of you can work together and find ways for you to grow – even if it starts with just small steps.

If your superiors at work truly don’t care about your career, then it’s time to update your resume and begin thinking about a change for the better. The best time to find a new job is when you’re already working. If this is the case, begin by contacting an experienced recruiter who can partner with you throughout your search process. To help you get started, contact PrideStaff Fresno today.

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