How to Make Sure New Employees Get Along With Their Team

Starting a new job is a little bit like the first day of school all over again. Despite the newness and excitement of it all – or perhaps because of it – a person naturally feels stressed and anxious.

Finding ways to ease this transition should be a top priority for you as an employer. Taking time to nurture new hires during their onboarding period offers them, and your business, the best possibility for success.

Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Making your new hire feel welcome and bringing them up to speed quickly is all about preparation, support and communication – starting on the day they accept your offer.

  • Reach out before Day One. When new hires first sign-on, there’s usually a whirlwind of congratulations, communications and correspondence. Then things slow down. That’s okay, but be sure you don’t go radio silent until a person’s first day at work. Maintain contact via appropriately timed calls, texts or emails. Reiterate your welcome, give them pointers, and reassure them you’re available if they have questions.
  • Have their workstation stocked and ready to go. Make sure your new employee has everything they need to get started on their first day. This includes a fully equipped workstation with all the necessary supplies, hardware and software, login information, phone and other directories, business cards … and how about a welcome card from their team and a company T shirt, mug or cap? It all sends the message: “We value you and we’re glad you’re here.”
  • Make introductions. Introduce your new hire not only to their immediate team members, but also to people in other areas with whom they’ll be interacting. Consider holding a 15 to 20-minute informal gathering for this purpose. It’s a stress-free way to familiarize everyone with the new staff addition, and vice versa.
  • Provide a mentor. A mentor offers one-on-one support for everything from learning company policies and practices to the best local spots for coffee, lunch or drinks after work. Successful mentor/mentee relationships can last for many years and reap multiple benefits for both parties.
  • Show you care about their work/life balance. Set the right tone and make this clear right from the start. Follow the Golden Rule by treating every new hire the way you’d want to be treated in their position – and remind others to do the same. Find out about their family, their hobbies and interests. Show them they’ll be supported in keeping all aspects of their personal and professional life in sync.
  • Set up an early win. Give your new hire an assignment you know they can complete successfully during their first day or week. This early win results in an important feeling of purpose and confidence. As a result, they’ll settle into their role faster and more efficiently.

At PrideStaff Fresno, we pride ourselves on providing client and candidate experiences that focus on what you value most – including the best possible onboarding for new staff members. For additional tips and resources, contact us today.

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