3 Tips for Proving Your Value in a Job Interview

“Why should we hire you above all the other candidates for this job?”

“How will you add value to our company?”

These are two of the most important – and most likely – questions you’ll be asked in your interview. And if you’re not prepared to give a good reason why an employer should hire you, then you can’t expect them to. So, be prepared to ace these surefire questions – and others – as you gear up for the big day.

Answer honestly and confidently.

Study the job description and its keywords ahead of time and make sure your responses align with them. Rehearse anticipated interview questions several times, so that when the time comes to deliver them, you’ll sound natural and unrehearsed.

  • Give specific, relevant examples of competencies listed on the JD. For example, use the company’s product and highlight your passion for it. Describe how your knowledge of it will help you add value.
  • Use numbers to drive your point home. Don’t just say, “I’m a great sales rep.” Instead, say, “I raised sales of product XYZ by 12 percent over a six-month period. I’m confident I could achieve similar outcomes in this position.”

Toot your own horn.

A job interview is not the time to be overly humble. Without sounding arrogant, talk about your best qualities and accomplishments. Using concrete facts and numbers isn’t bragging, it’s telling a story.

  • Follow the STAR. The STAR format for your response, that is: Describe a situation and a task you were assigned, and then outline the action you took and the positive r Did you increase revenue or save time or money? If so, how much? Don’t just tell your interviewer the final result. Tell them how you got it and what your decision-making process was.

Sell yourself in a positive way.

In the case of most jobs, there are three things you need in order to be a contender:

  • The skills to do the work.
  • The desire to do the work.
  • A good fit with the role and the company.

As you prepare your specific responses, zero in on these areas and how you could outshine the competition.

  • Don’t get defensive. And don’t say, “I’m better qualified than any of the other candidates.” Admit that you don’t know the other applicants as well as you know yourself. Then, move on to your pitch. By doing so, you sell yourself in a positive, professional way, without making anyone else look bad.

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