Are you trying to fill a position at your company, but struggling to find the right candidates in today’s tight labor market? Direct-hire recruiting through a staffing firm may be the ideal solution.

Your staffing firm will partner with you to craft your hiring strategy from start to finish, beginning with writing a job description and advertising for the role and continuing through sorting resumes, screening applicants, completing background checks and other initial assessments, and identifying a handful of top contenders. After you select and hire the best fit, this employee goes directly onto your payroll. Partnering with a staffing firm:

You’ll attract better candidates.

With very few exceptions, people aren’t going to leave a current job for a new one, unless they know the opportunity will be permanent. Through a direct-hire approach, you have the opportunity to attract a better pool of candidates, both active and passive. And, you’ll draw talent that directly fits the needs of your organization.

  • Job boards, social media, networking, and referrals are all good hiring tactics, but often, it’s necessary to expand your efforts further. A qualified staffing firm has extensive advertising reach and a robust candidate database, including passive job seekers: those who are currently happily employed but willing to consider the right opportunity. You may not learn about them otherwise.

You’ll get a stronger commitment from your new hire.

Employees placed in direct-hire roles have a better sense of stability with a company. Their loyalty level tends to be higher, knowing they’ve been brought on board for the long term.

You’ll save valuable time and resources.

Consider the staff hours involved in writing job descriptions, posting ads, reading through cover letters and resumes, prescreening applicants, and scheduling interviews. When you turn these tasks over to the experts at your staffing firm, you and your team can focus on more business-critical functions. When it comes time to interview and make hiring decisions, then you can step in.

  • Job vacancies can quickly lead to decreased morale, lower productivity, higher turnover, and threats to company profitability. But your staffing firm’s hiring expertise combined with better-quality candidates helps ensure better, more effective hiring.

PrideStaff Fresno offers direct-hire solutions in administration, customer service, IT, finance, legal support, healthcare, or production and distribution. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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