Learn How to Advance Your Human Resources Career

Are you ready to take the next step in your HR career? Maybe you’d like to be more visible within your organization or, you have your eye on a promotion. Or, maybe you’d like to explore opportunities elsewhere. What’s the best way to go about it?

The answer lies in focusing on some key steps to help you realize your goal. In the words of Kay Wakeham, global VP, talent and employee management at Citi, “Always transform yourself in the strategic direction.”

Keep your skills – and your resume – current.

Continuously work on updating your professional skills. As you do so, update your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect such improvements as:

  • A presentation you made at a conference or company meeting.
  • An article you wrote.
  • Your nomination or receipt of a professional award.
  • Your election to a board or other leadership body.

Consider going back to school, whether this means earning a degree, completing an HR certification such as SHRM-CP, or starting with an online course or two.

Network within HR circles.

A broad professional network not only gives you access to people who may have an inside track on job openings, but it also provides you with additional learning opportunities. Maximize your networking reach both on and offline.

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with like-minded pros. Be active and engaged by participating in groups, contributing content, and joining in conversations.
  • Join professional groups and associations. Here, too, SHRM is a great place to start.
  • Attend conferences, fundraisers, and trade shows.

Explore different roles.

There’s a wide variety of career paths within HR, from recruiting and talent acquisition to payroll and benefits administration. Look into options that pique your interest. This will help you narrow down your preferred choices. Or, you may conclude that you want to be an HR generalist, wearing many hats but enjoying them all – a role that is generally typical to smaller organizations.

  • Watch and learn. You may want to shadow a member of your own or an external team to gain exposure to a new role. For instance, talk through your current benefit plans with your broker or learn payroll processing from your finance team. Your manager and colleagues will appreciate your deepening your understanding of the business, and you can learn a great deal just by watching.

At PrideStaff Fresno, we have a proven track record of matching skilled HR pros with the most rewarding professional opportunities in the Central Valley region and beyond. As you map out your strategic career plan, let us help make it a reality. Contact us today to learn more.