You spend a lot of time working – and a significant amount of that time is spent interacting with your boss.

You get out of any relationship what you put into it, so when it comes to the one you have with your supervisor, you need to be firmly committed to it. After all, your boss has a tremendous amount of influence over your level of happiness or stress at work: they can make each day something to look forward to – or dread. And, they hold the key to your advancement within your company, and sometimes outside as well.

You don’t have to be best friends or hang out on weekends. But you do need a solid relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

Take the initiative.

Show that you care about doing the best job possible and that you’d be excited to take on new projects to help your boss and the company succeed.

Foster effective communications.

It takes open lines of communication to establish ongoing trust. Start by putting yourself in your boss’s shoes. Figure out the challenges they’re facing and be prepared to offer effective solutions.

Be yourself.

You gain respect by being authentic.

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