Check Out These Five Tips for Working Your First Warehouse Job

Research shows that the warehousing industry is worth approximately $141 billion a year and accounts for 13.5 billion square feet of inventory. So as you start your new warehouse job, you’re joining a major business sector with countless opportunities to offer.

Whether your job is seasonal, part-time, or permanent, you want to start on the right foot. Here are five practical tips to help make that happen:

  1. Learn the rules.

While every workplace has specific rules, following them is especially important in a warehouse due to the likelihood of potential safety hazards.

  • Learn the ins and outs of personal protective equipment. When, where, and what type of PPE is required? How can you ensure a proper fit? Also, know how to care for, store, and properly dispose of your PPE.
  • What other rules apply? For instance, is special certification needed to use certain equipment? Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It’s the best way to learn, stay safe, and show your interest and enthusiasm.
  1. Be prepared.

To ensure success every day, but especially as you adjust to your new job, be prepared well before it’s time to punch in.

  • Invest in a good pair of shoes or boots. You’ll be on your feet a lot, so you won’t regret it. Check ahead of time to ensure that your footwear is approved for safety compliance.
  • Arrive early. There may be additional steps to take during your first few days, not to mention needing extra time to simply find your way around.
  1. Establish pre-work routines.

Working in a warehouse is demanding, both physically and mentally. Get into the right pre-work routine to ensure ongoing productivity and success.

  • Do some dynamic stretching before your shift. This gets your blood flowing and your muscles warm, so you’re ready for walking, lifting, repetitive motion, and other demands on your body.
  • Review and key performance indicators for the day. For instance, most warehouses prioritize speed, which is measured by the number of orders fulfilled Know your goals and your employer’s expectations so you can focus your energy and resources appropriately.
  1. Smile and say hello.

It’s normal to be nervous at first, but tackle it head-on by smiling, staying positive, and introducing yourself to team members and others with whom you come in contact. Don’t beat yourself up by thinking you have to remember everyone’s names yet, but set the foundation for getting to know people better, building healthy work relationships, and perhaps even some lasting friendships.

  1. Know what to do in case of an emergency.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to apply this knowledge, but be aware of what to do in the event of a crisis or emergency in your work area. For instance, where are mast shut-off valves located? And what about the closest emergency exits? And of course, follow current social distancing and other policies around preventing the spread of infection. Help your new company achieve and maintain a zero-incident safety culture.

To learn more about working in a warehouse or to find the position that’s right for you, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. Even in today’s unprecedented and ever-changing climate, we can help you find the temporary, contractual, or temp-to-hire role you’ve been looking for.

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