The Covid-19 pandemic started as a short-term crisis – or so everyone thought. But soon, it will enter its second year. What was perceived as a sprint has become a marathon and a total shift in the way people think, work, and live.

As your employees return to the workplace in the shadow of coronavirus, it’s up to you to make sure they’re safe, comfortable, healthy and productive, during and after the transition.

Safety First

Before bringing people back, ensure that your workplace is – and will remain – safe.

  • Clean and sanitize. Invest in a professional cleaning service. Their high-grade cleaning products kill more germs. Use them as needed to cover every nook and cranny at your site. In addition to these regular deep cleans, up your standards for day-to-day housekeeping, as well. For instance, be sure all workstations are disinfected nightly, and common areas are cleaned multiple times throughout the day.
  • Encourage good hygiene. Provide ample supplies throughout your workplace. Stock up on disinfectant wipes and sprays, hand sanitizer and soap, paper towels, tissues and masks. Provide visible reminders, including posters with information on coughing and sneezing etiquette, handwashing, mask use, not coming to work if you feel unwell, and Covid-19 symptoms. You may also want to include details on testing and vaccines.

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide comprehensive resources for employers to use at this time.

    Update Your Policies

    There truly is a new normal – in the world and in the workplace. Take a thorough look and revise any company policies and procedures that apply as employees reenter the workplace.

  • Do you need to update your sick leave policy? How many days off are people allowed if they test Covid positive? Do you enough leave for those who live with or care for infected loved ones? The Families First Coronavirus Response Act covers requirements for extra paid leave.
  • Consider indefinite remote work options, as well as more flexible attendance and paid time off policies.
  • Change your office layout and the way you hold meetings. You can no longer cram a lot of people into a conference room. You’re probably there already, but firm up your resources to maintain social distancing and provide video conferencing. Space workstations at safe distances. If it seems impossible, maybe you need to combine this effort with your new and improved remote work process.
  • Support your employees’ mental health. According to the Centre for Addition and Mental Health, “people placed in quarantine or self-isolation may experience a wide range of feelings, including fear, anger, sadness, irritability, guilt or confusion. They may find it hard to sleep.” There may also be increased feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression. Educate managers about these effects and how to spot them in employees. Share mental health resources with your team members, and incorporate needed leave into your PTO policy.

  • For additional resources to improve your workplace, update your plans, and enhance your employer brand image, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. We’ll help ensure that your company is known as the place to work – where team members not only feel safe and strong but can also grow their careers and find needed work/life balance.

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