The Importance of Prioritizing Inclusion in Your Company

Diversity and belonging can’t be thought of merely as projects, initiatives, or fodder for a new task force. Those tactics are all great, but they’re temporary. Everyone in your organization plays a part in upholding your values, so your commitment to inclusion needs to be permanently embedded in your company culture.

An inclusive culture fosters a healthy work environment. It ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or experiences, is connected with equal opportunity and a prosperous future with their company and their colleagues. It also fosters engagement and productivity because people who are comfortable authentically expressing themselves are more likely to perform better. According to a recent study by The Economist, diversity and inclusion promote better talent management, employee satisfaction, collaboration, and corporate reputation.

How to Create a Culture of Inclusion

There are some simple but very powerful steps you can take to ignite change for the better when building an inclusive company culture. They include:

  • Start from the top down. Company leaders must have a sincere desire to build a diverse culture. This means sending clear messages by continually displaying inclusive behavior and attitudes. Once leadership sets the right tone, it’s easier to cascade it through the entire organization.
  • Get regular feedback from team members. Ask people for their ideas and suggestions on how to improve diversity in your workplace. Give them a sense of ownership by letting them be part of the solution. It also helps to provide outlets to help people connect with others and share their stories. Your tools might include an employee survey, a campaign, or a town hall forum. The goal is to provide multiple ways to share input and perspective that fosters open dialogue.
  • Provide safe spaces. Go the extra mile to build every employee, customer, and visitor’s safety and comfortability, especially those from marginalized groups. One easy way to do this is to offer unisex bathrooms. On a broader level, you can encourage virtual team lunches and other informal events where people can casually connect. Or create a support group or network for employees to communicate with others who share their experiences.
  • Connect with people on a personal level. Be transparent regarding your own life. If you are real with others, chances are greater that they’ll reciprocate. And when you reach out, remember the simple gestures, such as their “spouse” or “partner” rather than assuming someone’s sexual orientation using gendered terms.
  • Incorporate inclusion into all individual and team objectives. Publicly reward those who demonstrate these values. Over time, you will see sustained positive incomes as a result.

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