Learn How to Be a Role Model for Your Employees

When it comes to setting the right example for your employees, all the good intentions in the world aren’t enough. It’s actions that people see and follow. Yup! They do speak louder than words.

Being an effective role model is a powerful tool for employee development and business strength – and it doesn’t cost a dime.

Your business is a reflection of you.

You can’t successfully model behaviors that are inconsistent with your core beliefs and values. If you try, it will be obvious to everyone – and it will completely undermine your credibility. You set the model that others follow, and no matter what the rules are, you define them by your actions.

Which behaviors should you model?

For optimal teamwork, morale, results, and business success demonstrate these traits in all you do:

• Honesty: One slip-up on your part casts doubt over everything else you say or do. You can’t afford to covey the message that dishonesty is okay. Ever.
• Trustworthiness: Respect confidences. Keep every promise and honor every commitment you make, even those that may seem minor to you. They may mean a lot more to the person on the receiving end.
• Integrity: Best described in four impactful but straightforward words, this boils down to doing the right thing. It also involves taking full responsibility for your actions and giving credit when and where it is due.
• Fairness: There’s no room in your professional life for favoritism or taking advantage of others. Be especially aware of this if your is a family business or one where relatives or close personal friends are on the payroll.
• Consistency: Deal with similar situations in similar ways, time after time. Present the same persona to customers and other external stakeholders as you do to your employees.
• Approachability: Be as available to your employees as you would like them to be to you and your customers. Get to know people as individuals and manage by walking around. And when you are back in the office, keep the door open.
• Compassion: Especially now, as people continue to deal with change and recover from this marathon pandemic, you need to be tenacious and strong without being cold or inhuman.
• Pragmatism: Never compromise your standards, but be reasonable and realistic. There is an exception to every rule, especially in times of uncertainty.

Incorporate these traits and behaviors into your modus operandi. This includes your job requirements and descriptions, policies and procedures, and performance evaluations.

Last but not least, consistently present a positive attitude. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but as a leader, it’s on you to display strength, calm, and confidence even during the most challenging times – and you will instill the same in everyone on your team.

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