Why Transparency in Leadership is So Important

Trust within an organization is based on mutual respect – and transparency in leadership plays a big part in that. And, where there’s respect for an employee’s manager and other leaders, engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity naturally follow.

What Transparency in Leadership Looks Like

Transparency means keeping your employees in the loop, sharing good and bad news, and welcoming their honest feedback.

  • There should be no sense of uncertainty when it comes to communications. Set crystal clear expectations and convey them regularly with every team and team member. This requires being honest and open, even when you may feel vulnerable as a result.
  • The Benefits of Transparency in Leadership

    Achieving and practicing transparency in leadership pays off in the form of:

  • Greater employee advocacy: It’s a two-way street. As you opt to be open with your employees, you can make them feel even more valued by inviting their feedback. This fosters a culture of mutual trust and loyalty that results in greater employee advocacy and bolsters your employer brand.
  • Less misunderstanding: Withholding information can lead to misunderstanding, which goes hand in hand with unmet expectations. With clear, open communication, employees are far less likely to make false assumptions about their work or their company.
  • Better performance: Transparency builds greater engagement – and engaged employees are more likely to perform better.
  • How to Achieve Transparency

    Here are a few more tips to making transparency an integral part of your – and others’ – management style:

  • Establish an open-door policy on the part of managers and senior leaders. It may take a little time to teach old dogs new tricks, but stick with it and coach people through it until it becomes so natural they don’t even notice they’re doing it.
  • Hold regular communication meetings – one on ones, team meetings, and town halls – not only when there’s a major development or crisis. In these and other forums, empower employees to give their honest feedback about your company. Employee surveys are another effective tool.
  • Get to know your employees as individuals. Take the time to form personal connections with them.
  • As you build and develop your winning workforce, including effective communication and related skills for your leadership team, consider partnering with PrideStaff Fresno to achieve all your talent management goals. Read our related posts or contact us today to learn more.

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