Now Trending: Career Planning Patterns Past 2022

There’s no crystal ball prediction – after all, look how drastically the world changed virtually overnight when Covid-19 hit – but there are career trends to consider in the years to come, as you make decisions about which professional path you plan to take.

Pandemic-incited changes are likely here to stay.

More than two years after its onset, the coronavirus pandemic has left transformations in its wake that are likely permanent – and many of them apply to business and careers.

These include:

  • More telework.
  • Less business travel.
  • Expanded contactless ordering and less face-to-face interaction.
  • Increased online shopping.
  • Greater demands for IT support services.
  • More intensive medical research.
  • Growing adoption of automation.
  • Continued innovation and use of productivity-enhancing software, such as that used for appointment booking and scheduling.

Among the areas projected for the fastest employment growth for the remainder of this decade are healthcare, renewable energy, information security, and data science.

In line with this, the most secure and least vulnerable occupations will be those related to life and health sciences, laboratory and medical technology, and computer science.

  • Covid-19 has obviously had a huge impact on healthcare workers. Many have gotten sick or passed away, while burnout has been rampant. Studies suggest that more than one-third are thinking of leaving their profession. For instance, there will be a need for at least 500,000 more registered nurses by 2027. Due to this projected shortage, healthcare is clearly pinpointed as a top field for the future.
  • IT has been a growth field for many years, but an increased focus on remote work and smartphone development has further boosted demand. The software development field, for example, is predicted to grow by 22 percent.
  • Careers in financial management are also on the growth track. Increases of 15 percent are anticipated over the next ten years.

Make an informed career decision.

So if you’re a student contemplating a major field of study or a worker considering a new field, keep these factors in mind as you reach a decision. Among others are climate change and a global population that continues to age. Rounding out the overall picture: a recent development: Covid stimulus payments, which led to record numbers of people leaving the workforce, and an age-old stickler which has had the same effect: inadequate affordable childcare. All of these things play a part in career planning.


Where do you fit? If your head is spinning and the answer is unclear, or if you have a solid plan in place but are looking for the right opportunity or the best way to get there, contact PrideStaff Fresno today. The right job is closer than you think. Let us be your experienced resource, connected networker, and career coach, all in one, as you find your next great career opportunity.


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