To succeed in your job search, you need to cover all the right bases, including one-on-one and group networking, as well as making the best use of all your social platforms – starting with LinkedIn, which still reigns as the leader in recruiting and business connections.

How do you use your LinkedIn network to the fullest extent as you find the job you’ve been waiting for? Start by keeping up with the following steps.

Update your profile regularly.

A step beyond your resume, your LinkedIn profile provides a more dynamic look into your experience, skills, objectives, knowledge and interests. The more complete and fresh and the more recently this information has been updated, the more opportunities that are likely to come your way.

Identify the people you know – and start meaningful conversations.

Look to current and former colleagues, fellow alumni, and personal acquaintances to connect with on LinkedIn. Build your network from there, and continue to keep relationships fresh by initiating and participating in useful conversations.

Ask for help.

That’s kind of the point, right? Reach out to your connections for career advice, introductions, recommendations or referrals. Provide context and any useful details that will empower them to help you out.

Use Advanced Search.

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search option enables you to search for your favorite companies and reach out to people depending on their connections with them. If they work there, you can dive into details about the work environment and culture. If they’re a client or service provider, you can learn what it’s like to do business with them.

Stay active.

Don’t be a LinkedIn wallflower. Be active and authentic. Post and/or write articles, distribute relevant images and videos, and remember: the more you interact as a professional, the more you’ll be noticed and recognized.


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