How to Make Your Job Postings Stand Out

A well-crafted job posting can mean the difference between a desired candidate applying for your open position – or skipping over it and moving on to the competition.

That posting may be a job seeker’s first point of contact with your company, so be sure to make it a good one. You need to sell your opportunity in a unique and engaging way. So if those applications are only trickling in – or, worse yet, not even that – then clearly it’s time to make some changes.

Look at your competitors’ postings – and make yours better.

Compare your postings to your competitors’ and give compelling reasons for candidates to choose you first.  For instance, what unique benefits or perks do you offer?

  • When you make this and all other assessments of your postings, always look from a job seeker’s perspective. Would whatever change you make increase your response rate by truly engaging your audience?

Pump up your job titles – just enough.

Your job titles will be more likely to appear in search results if they contain the right keywords and word strings. Also, the more specific a title is, while incorporating those keywords, the better.

  • Don’t over inflate or try to be too catchy or “cute.” Avoid cliche phrases like “superstar sales manager” or “rock star admin assistant.” But also, don’t be too generic. Say more than just “customer service representative” or “programmer.” (Hint: Also watch for any wording that may unconsciously be biased in any way.)

Keep your postings clear, concise and direct.

Longer is not necessarily better when it comes to job postings. In fact, often the opposite is true. Describe your position clearly and concisely. The optimal length is generally somewhere between 300 and 500 words.

Include a direct link to the job.

You’ll quickly lose candidates’ interest if your link leads them anywhere but directly to your position. The key is to make applying as easy and efficient as possible. A great way to test this is to go through the application process yourself and see where any delays or bottlenecks occur and how many times a person has to click on links.

  • Don’t require a sign-in. You could add one as an option toward the end of your posting, so candidates can check their status once they’ve applied. But otherwise, avoid it.

Make sure your website is mobile friendly.

An increasing number of candidates are using their smartphones to apply for jobs. So, be sure your website is mobile optimized.

End every posting with a strong call to action.

Tell candidates that you want to hear from them now by ending every job posting with a call to action that speaks urgency.


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