As part of their hiring process, employers will search candidates’ social media profiles and accounts, so take this into consideration before you even launch your job search. Don’t just clean things up and delete any content that may be questionable or work against you, but take it a step further: Be proactive in making your accounts attractive to those key decision-makers at companies that interest you.



Keep all your profiles consistent.


Make sure all your employment history on social media matches your LinkedIn profile. Any job titles, companies, dates, degrees or other pertinent information that doesn’t match up will be an immediate red flag for a hiring manager.


Show that you’re engaged with other people in your industry.


Your online interests and the groups in which you participate say a lot about you. Mention those interests and be an active participant in groups within your field and industry. Take part in conversations, contribute articles, and share helpful links.


Include examples of your best work.


Post or link to samples of the best work you’ve done or received accolades for, such as blogs, articles, case studies, or your portfolio.


Check your hashtag use.


As you clean up your social persona, removing anything obsolete, immature or unprofessional, remember to check the hashtags you’ve used. Make sure that they, like all the rest of your content, do not include any wording that is crude, controversial or inappropriate.


Google yourself.


Every few months or so, Google yourself and see what pops up – because this is likely where employers will begin their search as well. This can help you get ahead of any negative content and make sure search results produce results that benefit – not hurt – your job search. You may want to set up Google alerts, so if anything of concern does pop up, you’ll know right away.


Keep personal accounts private.


Consider creating separate social media accounts for professional purposes and keeping your personal accounts private.


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